Learn more about who we are, what we do, and why you should join.


What is the McDonough Business Strategy Challenge?


The Challenge is the largest case competition in the United States right now, and the premier one in the world that has exclusively non-profit clients. Every year 20 of the best undergraduate schools from around the world send a team to Georgetown to work on a case that we prepare. It is one of the largest consulting events held in DC every year.


What is a Case Competition?


A “case” is a lengthy situational analysis of a business. We work with a non-profit client before the competition to prepare a case that describes their current standing and any problems they face. The teams each receive a copy of the case, and have two days to prepare a set of comprehensive, concrete, and implementable solutions. They present before a judging panel, and a winner is crowned.


Why is MBSC Special?


As touched on above, the Challenge is the largest case competition held in the US right now. Its prestige is rooted in a 10-year history and the fact that it brings in the best and most competitive case competition teams from across the world. Teams from Australia, China, Spain, Ireland, Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherland, and Canada have attended, and are met by some of the best US schools as well. In addition to size and competition level, our unique focus on non-profit clients means we have a definite social impact. By working with the client to identify problems and offering free solutions from the top students in the world, we turn a learning and competitive experience into real community work. We take pride in bringing excellence and social impact together for everyone involved.


What does the Committee do?


The Committee is split into teams, each with a definite role in making the competition run as smoothly as possible. They are usually run by a more senior VP, who in turn reports to the Director of the competition. The Events team runs the logistics of the competition as well as handles key finances/budgeting. Working with this team is some of the best event planning experience on campus. The Judging team works with industry experts to create a judging panel, using networking and social connections to find the best judges. The Case Writing team works closely with the client to write a thought-provoking case, and usually get the most in-depth experience of what business and especially consulting is really like.  Last but not least, the Marketing team prepares marketing materials for our clients, sponsors, and other universities.


Will I participate in solving the case?


Joining the MBSC team is not the same as joining the case competition team. You will not be presenting the case before the judges, although there will be a Georgetown team in attendance. The Georgetown team only accepts undergraduate students from the business school. You will get a chance to see how a case competition works, as well as how teams form and format solutions. Members of the committee have also gone on to be part of the Georgetown case competition later.


What is the relationship with Hilltop Consultants?


MBSC has historically been close to Hilltop Consultants, and we share a desire for social impact through non-profit consulting. As a result, we are fortunate to be able to use them as a resource many times. Members of the MBSC often have a close and fruitful relationship with Hilltop Consultants as a result. The day-to-day operations are distinctly separate, though.


Why should I join?


You should join MBSC because you want to help run a huge event that includes teams from all over the world. You should join because you want to help make a difference in the non-profit community. You should join to network with local and international consulting experts. You should join because you’ll be part of a motivated and energetic team. You should join because MBSC opens doors.

How do I join?

In the beginning of each semester, MBSC will look for a few individuals to fill one of our teams: Events, Judging, Case Writing, or Marketing. We are currently recruiting and if you're interested – either in joining or more information, feel free to  access the student team application here or send an email to mbsc@georgetown.edu. Applications are due September 12th, 2022. Thank you!