CASE: Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW)









Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW) is a regional branch of the non-profit organization Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Operating 13 locations across Greater Washington, this division runs an e-Commerce department which focuses on selling donated books and donated miscellaneous items. To sell its wares, the organization currently utilizes the services of Amazon, Half.com, eBay, and Alibris. GGW is interested in knowing what kind of strategy it can employ to increase the profitability of its business units. Some targeted areas of improvement include expansion of its e-Commerce business and increased level of brand-recognition associated with its online operations.


CHALLENGE: GGW provides the opportunity for employees to develop job skills that will help the individual grow and empower them to succeed, either within Goodwill or elsewhere. With this in mind, what role can GGW’s e-Commerce department play in promoting the acquisition of these skills? How can GGW best use this technology-driven operation to teach its employees computing skills? What skills can be developed through e-Commerce?



You can read the 2013 MHBSC Case Write-Up here.