CASE: Street Sense

Washington, DC‘s Street Sense is a nonprofit organization which aims to uplift its city‘s homeless individuals. A staple in the Washington community, the organization enables homeless individuals to earn money by selling the newspaper created by the organization. By selling these papers, homeless individuals also learn skills which propel them to integrate more fully into society. Street Sense, though not immune to the country‘s financial climate, has steadily grown through its ninth year of operation and continues to improve its mission. The organization has recently hired a new executive director and incurred new expenses. The management and board are eager to offset the new costs with new revenue streams. They are also looking for advice on how to maximize the utility of their recent investments to extend the organization‘s reach and to better help Washington D.C.‘s homeless residents.

1st Place: Florida State
2nd Place: McGill University
3rd Place: Washington University in St. Louis
4th Place: University of Michigan
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