CASE: Academy for Learning Through the Arts (ALTA)

The Academy for Learning Through the Arts (ALTA), is a Washington, D.C. charter school founded in 2005. Its mission is to provide students in grades Pre-K - 8 with an outstanding academic and social education through a rigorous arts-integrated program. The board looked to develop a curriculum that would combine the necessary education as dictated by the PCSB and the No Child Left Behind regulations with a focus on visual and performing arts: allowing students to identify and build upon links between concepts in the academic area and the arts curriculum.


1st Place: University of Florida
Team Members: Justin Fung, Leilani Diaz, Sarah Anassori and Shea Parrish

2nd Place: Georgetown University
Team Members: Brian Brush, Paul Campbell, Maximilienne Laurent and
Perryne Vyas
3rd Place: University of Washington
Team Members: Olivia Miasik, Xayachuck Viradet, Luis Silva-Behrens and Queenie Man